Bulls, Burns and Battle Scars

A Beautiful Friday Morning

I woke up Friday believing it was Thursday. It wasn’t until LUNCHTIME that I figured it out! hahaha Weird how that happens. Anyway, I guess after I found that out I started to let myself relax a bit and the week started to hit me. By the time I got done harvesting onions last night I was completely and utterly exhausted! And, the last thing I thought I’d have to worry about in Ireland was sunburn, but of course, I the queen of sunburn on random body parts, got it. My first day of weeding, my back was exposed, yes because my pants were sliding down…hmm, wonder who I got that from. But the last few days I’ve been paying for it, one strip of lobster red on my lower back. Sweeeet.

Yesterday was my first day working on the the land across the street from the houses. Ula and I first weeded and taught each other words in Polish and English. Then we moved to the onion patches where I discovered the most evil demon of a plant called the nettle. I know these exist back in the US, but I’d never quite experienced them like I have here. Ouch is all I can say. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stinging_nettle

When I got off of work, I decided to throw my weeks work clothes in the laundry, if you can imagine the amount of sand that gets in a bathing suit, real caked in, when you were a kid playing on the beach…yea that’s my clothes but with dirt. I meticulously hung each piece of clothing up on the line to dry, only to wake up this morning and discover it had rained about 3 times throughout the night! Crossing my fingers for some sunshine before Monday. Una told me yesterday though,that the beautiful sunny days were supposed to end there, and so it seems she was right.

This supposed unfriendly cat and I have become quite close. I believe her name is Mira.

I’ve taken a few lovely walks the last few days. I finally found the shops and pubs last night. Woohoo! Walking into the small town pub, just little ole’ me you can imagine. I felt like I had some different scent or something the way some people’s heads perked up to look at the newcomer. It was definitely a laugh. I had a chat with the guy next to me about working on the farm, but I’m pretty sure he’d had too many already so I finished my drink and continued my walk around town. There were a lot of stores already closed on a Friday night which I was surprised about, but you can be sure all the pubs were open. I saw a cabbie sitting inside a cab labeled, “24 hour service,” so I knocked on the window to get the phone number.

I figured that would come in handy at some point. Thursday night, on my way home, a farm that I’d walked passed earlier had several cattle now and one very large bull staring me in the eye as I passed. I could have pet him I was so close, a definite first for me. This thing was massive! I felt incredibly weird walking past him thought, almost like he also knew I wasn’t from around here. But I very much admired his gold hoop nose

Not Quite Sure What "Work" They're Referencing

ring the size of my hand.

When I arrived home on Friday I was just completely exhausted head to toe and passed out quickly only to have one of the weirdest of dreams I’ve had since arriving. In short, a UFO, in the form of a Star Wars ship, showed up out front of Oxford Lane during my birthday dinner and stopped mid air, then flew head first down into Garden City exploding before our eyes. Hmmm riddle me this, Mr. Freud.

Corrections from previous posts: Padraig, pronounced Pah-rayg. Their youngest daughters name is Róisín, pronounced Row-sheen. Ula and Gregor are engaged and plan to return to Poland to start their own farm at some point when they save enough money here. Ula is in fact a teacher and will only be working 3 days a week starting Monday. She teaches Polish children that are living in Ireland as well.


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  1. Eileen Webb says:

    Hi Shannon,
    ok, I am curouis miss white wine girl, what did you have to drink at the pub and what was the pub’s name?


    1. Shannon says:

      Hahahah! Irish Cider!!! I’m hooked!!! Maude Millers 🙂


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