Compost, Kale and County Galway

I’m sure this blogging will get down to a minimum when I start workin my butt off everyday, but I thought I continue to catch everyone up to speed until then.


I took the bus to Galway city this morning. Running on fumes because I was unable to sleep a WINK on the plane. I was so excited just to be in this country. That first breath of fresh air was THE best I’ve ever had. I walked all around Galway city with all of my bags in tote, searching for somewhere to buy a cell phones. Places were closed down, not open yet, etc. I was loving watching the streets wake up with people, the hustle and bustle, a much different kind than I’m used to was less angry than Philly, but more chaotic, if that makes any sense.

The house on the right is Una’s and the left is Padraig’s parents home. Behind the house on the left is where our wwoofers cabin is, pictures of that later.

By this time, I’d walked so far from the bus station I’d arrived at I didn’t know how to get back and a lovely bus driver had pity on me after I gave him a chuckle trying to pronounce the name of the town I was looking for, “Ballinasloe.” Observe, baaa-lin-a-slow. I was saying it ball-in-a-slow, bal-in-slow, and many many others throughout the day that confused the heck out of people. Anyway, he drove me back to the station free of charge and gave me instructions and then made me repeat the name several times to him, I still mispronounced it the next time. Some sort of blockage on that name for some reason!

I ended up catching a bus to Ballinasloe but once I got there it was like 3 stores and all houses and land. No taxi’s to be found so I brought all of my luggage into this tiny little super market and they again had pity on me, probably because at this point I had to of looked pathetic. Mind you I got off the plane at 6 and didn’t get to the farm until about 2. The market called a cab for me and I paid 5 euros to not walk another foot with all that crap! The driver pulls over in front of 2 houses and says, it’s either one of those. There wasn’t anyone in sight, so I was just like alright I’m just gonna start knocking on doors I guess! Luckily, Una came out to greet me just in time. I right away met her two daughters, Meadhbh, pronounced Mave is 8 or 9 and (I think I’ve already forgotten it but probably) Cholena sounds right. The girls took me on a tour of the farm and chatted me up, they’re very friendly and used to having new volunteers each month.

I also met about 10 different employees and the only other wwoofer that is here right now, Gage, who is from Texas. He apparently was here months ago, then left to wwoof in Spain but has returned for the next few months. There is another girl getting here in the next couple of days and apparently another guy too, but it’s all up in the air I think. Today was really busy for them, Tuesdays are delivery days so they were all running around trying to get orders together. They say Wednesdays are more relaxed because its farming….hrm. Opposite of what I thought!

Anyway, I’m rambling and I need to catch up on sleep because we have 8 am work. The pictures posted in here today are just pictures I took from a walk around their farm land.


I have the most Irish dinner, boiled potatoes and steamed kale and leeks. It was yummy!


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  1. Mom and Dad says:

    HI Shan,
    Sounds like you had a real adventure today. I am glad the Irish are so hospitable! Have a great night. Love mom and dad:)


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